I do all the work myself! i dont hire anyone so you get professional service done right the first time and every time! i have all the necessary equipment on the truck. its best if you have the materials on site but if you need me to go and get it this is no problem but the time it takes is part of the time in the service package. given the nature of doing small jobs i cant come out to look at it ahead of time but i can look at your bigger stuff while im there if you hire me for a  service. some jobs dont take all 3 hours but i do have a 100 dollar minimum, it doesnt take anything to schedule a service but please keep in mind that i take my schedule very seriously and if i give you a day and time i WILL be there. its a rare occasion that i have to shuffle it a bit for one reason or another and if i do i will contact you ahead of time. i typically start between 9-930 as this time best suits the majority of my clients.

New jersey is within the mileage range however i cant take jobs there as this requires a whole different registration and tax filing.

advertised sales deals or packages are only valid within 20 miles of 19135. if your unsure please call ahead. standard hourly rates are $65 per hour unless another agreement has been made. if you get a service package there is a minimum so if you only use 2 hours of your time you are still responsible for the full amount or will be subject to standard rate. . and i don't up charge for materials for cash or check payments but there is a 3% charge for material reimbursements if you use a credit card. any parking charges are the responsibility of the customer, and please keep in mind i have a full size van with ladders and it wont fit into a garage. 

carpentry and HANDYMAn service

Eric Madden